dear all,

long time no sign of life from our side, sorry for this. but after some consideration we decided to take a break from being a band. so there will be NO shows in the future and we will NOT work on a new record. we are really sorry for this maybe disapointing news, but for us at the moment this is the only way to move on. we would like to thank all of you for your incredible support and the amazing feedback we got from you through all the years. this means a lot to us and we really enjoyed this amazing time. and finally all of us are still busy and creative with different projects and stuff you might have a look at ... Raul is doing his visual art and organizes a lot of exhibitions, Flo is building and sellinig incredible custom bikes at the Fixiestube, Patrick is fully recovered from his accident and ready to become your human-drum-machine, Mathias and Sebastian working on a new, more electronic 2-piece-band project. So watch out for this, we will keep you updated here about what's going on with all this stuff.


daturah // 02.06.2011

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